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  • i work 4 on 4 off roster atm so i'm off from thursday onwards this week. theres a ride happening thursday at 1pm starts at the bp in kalamunda if your up for it. na i don't get out on it a lot cause all my mates don't ride bikes. but i'm always up for rides. due to get my open in a couple of months, but busting to get my new bike so planning to sought it out now and get some experience on it. those daytonas are priced pretty good aswell.
    yeah i'v been looking at houses too and trying to decide which way to go, but i think the toy has to come first. i'v got footy friday from 4, but i'm free any time after 12 at this stage so if youn wanna go for a burn throught the hills again, i'll join ya.
    you a fan of the kwaka's? i use to ride them in enduro and mx but nto a fan of the road bikes so much. whats your 250 like? does it have much top end? mines shit. only good for about 150km