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  • it started off bad it was a thursday in midland pissing down with rain i had my rjays jacket,wet weather pants,boots and i was still cold after doing the lesson we went to the licensing centre i was wet my feet were soaked visor was fogging up and so were my glasses. anyways we took off no probs turned right at maccas then left and parked in at harvey normans and then he told me were we had to go so left outta harveys and then left at the lights further down just before we gt to great eastern highway he pulled over i noticed but it was to late i was at the intersection so i turned on to great eastern and parked at the fisrt available shop he then said everything uve done is perfect lets just go behind this building and do u turns and a quick stop anyway did those and his like sweet were all done lets go back my test lasted 15mins and i kid u not when i got back i thought i had failed so did my instructor but the guy was like you did everything right.