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  • hay mate, yeah been and looked at them, fucken good looking bikes and big too. the dealer recons they're good for 250-300km hr. so prob gonna get the black one. just waiting to hear from the bank about wheather they will give me half of the cost of the bike. i didn't end up going out last week riding, to wet. are you free friday? wanna go for a burn through the hills? i'm free all day till about 4 again. other wise theres a bindoon pie run on sat if you wanna go. thinking i'll tag along on that trip.
    my pic, haha well i didn't have anything else at the time to put on here so used that pic. my face got messed up playing footy a couple of weeks ago. lost my vision etc for almost 3 weeks. only started riding again last week and played first game on sunday.
    got knocked out from the colision. ended up in hospital. had broken nose, and 3 splits around my eye.