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  • Hi,

    just posted a thread regarding a bobber powerplant. Am looking to build soon, figured the engine/box combo is the place to start.

    Came across your build which is great.

    Have considered Triumph but figured they would be expensive to source & parts would be expensive for repairs/rebuild.

    How have you found yours for condition and reliability. Had you had one before?

    how do you find the hardtail rear-end.

    Have bought a couple of copies of Heavy Duty, an Australian publication with predominantly V-twin engined custom bikes and also Barnett's, an american publication on the same, V-twins. These mags do have some good inspiration.

    They have some good ideas for seat solutions, as far as hardtails go and in looking at one of the magazines now, there is a website called to look at.

    Would like to use a jap engine/box unit if possible but would appreciate any feedback on your set-up.

    Great job so far.

    Thanks and regards,