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  • Safety is the paramount concern for me. I can't bear to see what would happen to you without the added safety and protective benefits that a pair kevlar padded jeans would provide in the event of anything untoward happening to you... I couldn't lib wib myself if that was the case... I am sure that Fred feels the same... So I conclude that in order to appease the consciences of two of your riding friends you should invest in some Draggins. If anything happens when we are on the next ride, I don't want to see scraped and bleeding Buffalo ass!!! I see enough of that at work!!!

    But there is nothing wrong with keeping the wifey happy!!!

    Either way Gaz they are a great product and will provide piece of mind. Why don't you buy the pink camo ones!!! They will suit you!!!
    Karma is a fucking bitch!!! What goes around comes around and you'll get yours!!!