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  • Hi Steve,

    Yep, left hand side under the cover. I just took the 4 bolts out and removed the snorkle, placed the side cover back on to stop the air filter moving too much and took it for a spin to try the results.

    I found a piece of 3mm perspex at work and cut a hole out with a jigsaw in it smaller than the air cleaner entry. I sat the snorkle agenst this and traced out the outter shape of the snorkle. Cut this all down and drilled out the bolt holes. I held this up agenst the air filter to get a better idea on how big to cut out the opening. smoothed it all out with the dremel as best I could an bolted it on.

    I do have my first attempt kicking about some place, I could post it up to you if you dont want to make one.