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  • Hey Uni.

    How you goin man?. I'm still in this world, really hope they don't write my baby off, I mean it didn't look to bad hey?. When I got it down to 5* they were shaking their heads, muttering new tank and pointing to the scuffs on the frame near my foot peg, shaking their heads and I'm thinkin, FFS it's not a write off yet!. I'll see how it goes though. Still on pain killers/anti inflamatories, my chest hurts more than my knee does now but hey. Just makes me think how ill equipped I am for that sort of pace. Love to push it and ride hard, well as hard as I can, it's all part of it, "Scary fun".

    Don't know if I told you or not, but I see this guy in the line at the dry mess up on site and he's got a Yamaha jacket on. I said to him," What do ride?", he says a WR, I'll get into road bikes when I'm too old for dirt. Cheeky young man!.

    Oh well I'm ramblng cause I'm pissed, take it easy man, hopefully see you soon?.
    "It moved"