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  • Hey! Thought I'd update you on the progress of the bike. Trailered it to Sentry's place today, 7 hours we spent pulling apart and cleaning the carbies (they were pretty damn dirty). The spark plugs were also all fouled again and she was backfiring something crazy. He couldn't find the right screw(s)? (Pilot screw he called it) to retune the carbs so they are still running rich. Riding her home smoke was coming out of the exhaust and now she likes to rev at around 3000rpm for about 5 seconds before dropping to 2100. So unfortunately still not bloody fixed! K-Tec tomorrow it is. At least I can tell him the carbies are clean now.

    Bloody frustrating! Can't wait to have her all working again!
    I came here to drink milk and kick arse... And I'm all out of milk