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  • I was hoping to find like minded long distance motor bike riders to do long runs and short runs to the country, with a view to ride to stay a live keeping to the speed limit and riding safely.
    what I am looking at doing this year is bike runs to Esperance and albany and broom and darwin. with some short runs to Margaret river and to pemberton I am able to do long runs in comfort because I have my own camper trailer behind the motor bike to help me out for sleeping area and food and fuel and tools camping gear etc spare tyre's and compressor lighting i have a 600 litre spare in the camper to carry extra gear for people traveling with me .
    I am into riding to enjoy the sighting seeing and the country roads, golden rule for me never ride at night on a country road or speed, the dangers of cows laying on the road or emus & kangaroos running out on you is a real hazard.

    kind regards from Richard