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  • Hey Lol, plse don't think i'm trying to take away from any other types of cancer research, I for one just want CANCER RESEARCH, I don't give to pink ribbon day because I don't belive in breast cancer over other types of cancer, my mum as had breat cancer and my dad is currently working through prostrate cancer, much to his delight that I will have to have prostrate checks in the next year or two ! ouch, Last year I donated over $10,000 to cancer research
    Yopur mum must be a fantastic person ! when I mentioned to one of the fund raisers at the funeral that we should do something for the people who assist the kids, the nurses, doctors and volunteers ! it was quickly pointed out to me that the answer was two steps in front of these people ! that we had to do research to ensure that these people had nobody to treat ! that the money had to go to research !

    15 years ago chilhood lukemia was fatal to %80 of children, now's it's fatal to %20 ! That's a change worth working towards !!