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  • G'day BJ,
    Loving it mate, can't figure out why we didn't do it years ago, well I do know, probably would of wrapped myself around a pole.
    Anyway now that I am mature age and shit, I am loving it.
    I bought a suzuki intruder 250 cruiser for the wife at christmas.went out to Northam with Nick dekonning and Jervis last week, The original plan was to share it, with the wife, but the reason we got into bikes was to go for rides together, and neither of us will be happy on the back.... So bought a Hyo 250 from dale britton's on saturday, rang from karratha and paid with the credit card. Pick it up on thursday. It's the only 250 that isn't a cruiser or dirt bike, that I can ride comfortably. $4990 on road is a bargain considering I was looking at a 2010 model with 2000km for $5250, then have to pay stamp on top of that. I should get my money back when I upgrade to an R class in december.
    anyway have to run, see you on the road, or give me a message when you are in K town