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  • He did bitch about it over the phone before he even looked at them - he made quite liberal assumptions regarding how bad the job would be before doing any sort of work. I guess he was right in a way, only the shit part had been done for him already! And even if it is a crap job, I don't see how he gets off professing to be a mechanic yet moaning to his customers about how much of a pain in the arse their bike is going to be to work on! However he said he was pleasantly surprised when he did get around to it - apparently one of the rubber boots on the carbs was a bit loose and the rest was as you suspected - a matter of adjusting the fuel mix/idle whatever. Although it now idles VERY low - ~500rpm, and stalled a few times while idling at lights. Might just get that fixed up when I get it serviced - somewhere else
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