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  • Mm yep
    Oh theres a tuesday one.. any chance you could post me the link to it? Still getting used to where everything is on this site..
    Unless it's for full on riders and i would have no chance if i went.
    They both look so dam good!! Although one thing i hate is the 1 headlight for low beam and the other for high.. kindof ruins it a bit.
    Are they both about the same price new?
    Also i'm sure you'll know cause you're an expert, but since i'm not a complete bike whiz or anything, what are basic things i should check for often? Like fluids.. oil.. breaks.. tyres. And just wondering how i check all this?
    Also this is probably a really stupid question.. but say when you're changing down gears coming to a traffic light or stop, when you click from 2nd into 1st, it makes a much louder noise and clunk than when changing the others.. and i noticed on the ride and sometimes it didn't sound too good :\ --Next post..
    Grumpasaurus Rex ^_^