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  • Hi there.

    I find myself in need of a mobile mechanic and have only read good things on here about you guys, so have decided to give you a whirl!
    I have a VTR250 with high kms. The bike is just getting louder and louder, and is taking a few more turns to start in the morning that it used to. Using the choke seems to flood it at first, but then make it run fast like it should after ive flicked it on and off a few times.

    How much do you charge for a service? does that include a tune-up of the carbys/points and adjustment of other such mixture and timing related things.
    If not what does the above cost by itself?
    Would also be nice to just have an expert run their eye over the thing so I know what else needs fixing after I've got it purring again.

    Keen to book in a daytime Friday slot. Im currently in Europe and want my bike serviced before I get back. My housemates will answer the door/give you keys etc

    Thanks in advance,
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