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  • Hi Daveo, just posting this to 2 or 3 potential shadows, see if I can get some extra time on the road between my lessons. I'd make it worth your while somehow of course. Cheers - cut and paste from my thread:

    Not sure what the etiquette is here guys ... I don't feel sure about going on a night ride with loads of other bikes, I've only had a few lessons so far. So I won't (yet). But I want to get more experience between my lessons ... ! I hate being off work all day and having the new bike just sitting there

    So is it OK to ask, if anybody is willing to collect me from my place sometime and we'll just ride the 2 of us? Hit somewhere for lunch or something I guess, maybe just 1 - 2 hours? I'm in Joondalup.

    Delete this thread if not appropriate but no harm in asking I figured.
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