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    Yea i do play a fair bit, ive gotten rusty tho cuz i hvnt played for awhile (aka an entire month thats ages !!!Its torture its like keeping the choc cake frm the fat kid its just AARHHH)LOL .. you know how life n stuff gets in the way lol! but I do love playing just for the sake of playing I love winning but if i lose im not gona go hulk on anyone lol I think its just a fun and social game cuz people just talk n play and drink n play - perfect multitasking XD.
    Thanks, Eve is an ok name i guess... I use to get alotta Adam and Eve jokes which im ova and no ones cracked any for ages just cuz i think people think its funnier when i have a bf ... people make me sad lmao
    Thats my counter agrument i guess lol ... theres no adam so meh ur joke is invaild by default... hahaha