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  • yea til sunday nite tht just passed i got my bag taken by some turd (sorry i would call him a thousand other words but ill keep it tamed)...
    poo happens tho- ive hd my 'sooooo pissed off' i just hd a little women moment but u knw it could be worse i guess lol .... tho ive lost all my gear lol so i guess i can look at it as i can get new gear.. which kinda does make me happy but then again its kinda expensive lol
    But i got money out this morning so least i can do stuff.

    My bike is my obsesson and it makes me happy and keeps me going i knw its material but i cant help it i worked my but off to get my license and the bike so i think i can spare a tad of tlc to something that keeps me busy and happy , and my family is awesome too of course i love them too lol Well life is wateva ya make it so i try n make it fun hehe the two wheels do help haha