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  • G'day mate. Grae is the name.
    Best thing I can say about Hysoungs is if you are looking more than about 3 year old, have a really good go over the welds and seams, check for rust, make sure everything that should be attached is attached. Over the last few years they have really cleaned up their act and the bikes are much more reliable. Not sure how the 250 Aquila is to ride, would be interesting to see what the power to weight works out at, still, so long as you can get to 120 or so, that should be enough to get you out of trouble in fast traffic. Best thing to do would be to go test ride a few similar ones, Kwaka 250 cruiser, Hyo etc. I test rode my 650 Hyo against a 750 Honda Shadow, and the power difference was unbelievable, the Honda was struggling where the Hyo was cruising.
    Still, like I said, test ride a few and go with your gut feeling!
    Come back Jeremy, it was only a joke.