Buell, thought I'd send ya a message and give ya an update on my situation, coz talkin through it with u, realy helped while I was in a bad place.
I just got a new job at a Atamo and start on monday, for my first day back at work in 375 days to be exact. So that means the healing is definately going all well and I think I've got back to the stage where I will be able to get back on a bike again. So now comes the time where I start saving up for the next big bike and researchin on the best system for the whole heel shifter thing because of the footdrop. I've been doin a hell of a lot of physio and all that, I was back at uni last semester and did a 2 units (4 was bit too much) and did them well eh, a distinction in legal framework (77%) and a high distinction in accounting (92%) so life is back on track definately. So it's not going to be too long hopefully before you're goin to see me on one of your country over nighters. Thats the update, shoot back if ya want.